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About the Prints

All the photos are printed by me in the darkroom, accept the digital prints.
Print size refers to the size of the paper the image is printed on.
For example a 8x10 print usually has a 6x9 inch image printed on it.
I try and leave a slight white border on all my prints.
If you have any questions or don't see the print you want please contact me.

Here is a breakdown of the print types:

Hand Prints:

Are printed by me in a darkroom in the traditional methods of photography. The process labour intensive each print can take hours to get the correct look. In the end the results are worth it and the prints will last more than a lifetime.


Vintage Prints:

Are prints that I created near the time the shot was taken. These photos were printed in various darkrooms I set up over the years. Ranging from my closet at Positive Force, the bathroom at Simple Machines and the basement of the Pirate house. Most the paper and chemicals used at the time are no longer made. This fact is making the value of these prints go up in the art world as they are now truly one of a kind.

Some of my prints do show signs of wear such as pin holes and slight bends. None of these marks affect the look of the photos. I have noted which photos have the wear.


The process is similar to black and white printing however it takes even longer. The print is over massively overesposed and then developed in a lith dev for up to an hour. The print is pulled and dropped into the stop bath when the desired effect is seen. Lith prints are different everytime.


Digital C type Prints:

Photographic C-type prints are made by exposing light onto colour paper which is then developed and washed using traditional photographic techniques.

Digital prints use a digital file as the source as opposed to a negative. The process is a lot faster and also done at a lab.

One of the great things I find about the digital print is the fact you can enlarge a 35mm negative that has been scanned hi res to a massive print that holds its quality.