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Modest Mouse Lonesome Crowded Three Image Set


1. The shot I took out the window after we spent the night in a guys car, and the van was pulled out of drift by a tractor. (used in Lonesome Crowded West)

2. As we finally made it through the blizzard I aimed my camera out the window one more time. Just as I pressed the button to take a picture an eagle flew into the centre of my frame. (used in Lonesome Crowded West)

3. The snow started up again just as we left Montana. (Used on the cover of my Modest Mouse Book)

All these shots were taken with a couple hours of each other.

Three prints sold as a set
Limited to 100 signed and numbered sets
C type prints on fuji Crystal Archive
Each Print is 12x18 inches big.

Also available on Kodak Metallic Gold Paper